Life can be revealed with simplicity, subtlety and starkness through the beauty and depth of fine art black & white photography. As the name "Silver & Light" suggests, Keith's photographic roots are in classic silver-based media that react with light.  While Keith now fully embraces the impressive potential of digital equipment, his aesthetic sensibilities are unchanged. He believes that photographs gain authenticity only by showing reality. He thus limits digital development of his images to the adjustments available in a traditional wet darkroom. Keith custom develops and personally prints all exhibition images, viewing each step as an integral part of the creative process.

Keith’s previous exhibit is Innocence: Selected Images, which evokes memories of childhood and boundless possibilities, when the excitement and risk of the world were perfectly balanced by the safety of a parent’s arms, when nothing could be better than playing in a big fountain on a hot summer day. And yet all too soon innocence begins to fade as it becomes clear that being a boy’s first catch is no fun for the fish and even a kiddie pool can hold risks. But then innocence returns in one’s children and grandchildren and the cycle of hope, disillusionment and renewal continues.

Keith continues work on his project Seeing Beauty in All: Over-40 Nudes, which consists of large black & white prints showing beautiful images of nude “ordinary” people – women, men and couples – over the age of 40, with most in their 50s, 60s or older. As Keith explains in his Artist’s Statement,

“My Over-40 Nudes project expands conventional concepts of physical beauty beyond people with bodies that are youthful and near perfect. It enhances that definition by showing older bodies – complete with imperfections and evidence of aging – as beautiful because they have been lived in and have experienced life with all its joys and sorrows. Ultimately, the exhibit is about all of us…. This exhibit helps us reclaim our bodies – to see ourselves in our fullness, to expand our view of beauty to the reality around us, and to appreciate beauty in bodies that have fully lived.” 

A selection of images from the project, along with other nude images, are available here; the project can also be followed on Facebook. Those interested in participating in the project are invited to contact Keith.

Keith’s previous exhibit, Transience: Selected Images and Poems, is a combination of his images and poetry custom-created for the images by a prize-winning local poet. It may be seen here; some of the images also included in the galleries of this site. 

Ultimately, good photographic images should speak for themselves, so explanations and context are generally not included in the galleries. You are invited to view and engage the images from the perspective you bring to them. However, Keith would be pleased to provide information about any of the images, if requested. Feedback is always welcomed!